19th October
12 pm GMT (event in Portuguese)

Peak Season 2023

Sail with us through this Season

Sail with us through this Season

using Generative AI at the strategy core

using Generative AI at the strategy core

Participate on our Webinar and get ready for Peak Season!

We will cover some of the main data about Peak Season and the trends you can expect for this year, from open budget to sophistication models and new players.

Participate on our Webinar and get ready for Peak Season! We have prepared this webinar so you can have the insights, and data, so you get inspired and achieve the best possible results this Peak Season.



Over the past year, the war in Ukraine and rising inflation have increased consumer uncertainty.

And Portugal continues to be on the tail of Europe. Although, at first glance, it sounds like a bad thing, it actually means that Portugal is full of opportunities, if brands know how to do it. There is some data to prove it:

  • The average percentage of online purchases in total purchases was 11.6%, while in Europe it was 15.6%.
  • The number of Portuguese who shop online is constantly increasing and has already surpassed the 60% barrier.
  • A quarter of Portuguese (26%) shop online once a week, 4% more than in the last quarter of 2022.


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AI Revolution

AI tools can quickly create a wide range of compelling content and improve it based on feedback to better suit the purpose.

Short Videos

New trends on social media are short videos as a way of attracting and keeping attention.

Creativity in SM

Trends are moving towards the use of immersive and visual content that captures attention and drives conversions at the right time.

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  • The decline in consumer confidence means that companies are preparing for a challenging peak season;
  • There has been a significant increase in CPX across the platform, under pressure from the entry of international players with great financial capacity;
  • Portuguese consumers admit that the rising cost of living has led to changes in the way they shop;


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1. Market & Consumer Insights

We will cover some of the main data. about Peak Season and the trends you can expect for this year.

2. Big Moments:

What will be the key moments that you should be focused on.

3. BOSP:

Why a unique selling proposition may not be enough and how you can use the season to get your selling proposition consistently better, even after this high season.

4. AI Readiness:

How brands should embrace AI right now, not in 2030. How they can start today and what should be the focus on the seaeson, from AI Algos to Generative AI.

5. Channels & actions:

What channels are key during this season to bring you more results and how to structure your action plan.



With extensive experience in retail, digital, e-commerce, and business strategy, Pedro Barbosa is Wise Pirate’s CEO, and also a professor at FEUP and Porto Business School.

He is obsessed with growth orchestration, prioritizing long-term results, and has sought to bring to the area of digital marketing some ingredients that are uncommon in the market, such as martech, automation, working around first-party data, and a deep understanding of clients’ businesses, as well as very intense training for employees and clients, in an unprecedented way.

Pedro is focused on being part of the AI First Marketing Revolution, with a particular vision where people remain at the core. On the other hand, the vision of Digital Based Overall Performance, more than just digital performance, digital activation or digital marketing is at the center of the values he is trying to bring to an evolving digital ecosystem.