Wit Academy

Wit Academy

Lifelong learning is the only way forward, to stay competitive and thrive, ensuring continuous growth.

The WIT Academy embodies our passion for developing game-changers like us and boosting digital transition.

To remain competitive in our own game, we need to constantly re-skill ourselves. This doesn’t have to be scary, and anyone can do it. Change can hurt unless we act, lead and become the agents of what will be. Change can be witty, and at the WIT Academy, we invite participants to move forward now.

We’ve created a fully online Academy that uses the most advanced educational technologies for business-savvy people who understand digital as an economic phenomenon oriented towards impact and performance, and bootcamp sessions and retreats are also available to promote closeness and a cohort sense.

Technology-enhanced experiences that respect the pace, place, and mode of learning, every hybrid learning experience will provide a well-balanced conceptual and leading knowledge, with the practical and hands-on approach: knowing how to do.

The tutors are digital references that are actively making a change in the business world. They belong to the business world and deal with real-life cases.


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A full programs portfolio for individuals and organizations willing to either get ready for digital, boost their careers or businesses, or transform their organizations.


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For companies willing to train their people in the following core areas: Marketing & Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Tech & data.


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Dedicated to trending topics and delivered by experts in their respective fields, the Masterclasses and Workshops are a great way to explore new topics and learn their fundamentals.


The WIT academy is newly born. However, training has been one of the Wise Pirates’ activities since its foundation. The team members have been lecturing for over a decade in reference academies and business schools. The accumulated experience of the team involved includes developing hundreds of people and brands.

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