Social platforms that engage and convert:

From social brand creation to community management and social ads, we will help your business to be relevant and grow through social media.

Social platforms are literally the brands’ storefronts for the digital world. To attract and convert requires many actions: on the one hand, the creative part needs to be on point and aligned with the brand’s look and feel, while on the other hand, the figures are taken into consideration and analyzed to optimize and make better business decisions.

We will help your brand to take care of all of it: from social media management, both organic and paid, to community management or even crisis management when (and if) needed. Wise Pirates has a specialized team in managing different social media platforms across various business industries, from Tik Tok to Youtube, Instagram to Twitter, Reddit to Facebook.


We don’t just do regular social media posting. We become an extension of your digital marketing team and support you in every need regarding your social media platforms. We build a social media strategy from scratch and make it happen, by ourselves or together with your internal team: as it’s more suitable to you, your phase, and your needs.

We regularly measure and analyze our actions. To sell, having an outstanding social media feed is not enough. It requires developing the right content for your audience, giving them what they are looking for, and converting them into clients, today or when it’s the moment of truth for them.

Moreover, we have a unique value proposition in the market, with a team that mixes deep social knowledge and digital nativeness with performance & CRO expertise, business understanding, and analytical mindset.


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From building effective strategies and overseeing multiple social media accounts, we will also help you stay on top of trends and opportunities for marketing growth and regularly deliver reports for better business decisions. It includes consistent mood boards, a language that fits the channel DNA and the brand voice, and relevance scoring control.


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Interacting with your audience is crucial today. It’s what distinguishes amazing from regular brands. To build the community that will advocate for you and your product or service, you need to build that relationship across all social media platforms. And that’s why we are here: to guide and help you build these interactions to be a love brand.


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Unexpected problems can happen, but the most important thing is that your business is prepared to solve them, full steam ahead. We can predict and manage unwanted situations to avoid major backlashes towards your company.

Moreover, we have the capacity and muscle to guarantee a full team available almost instantly in these cases, to mitigate risk and control the situation, with the ability to advise and operate a solution and talk to clients or complainers to protect brand reputation at the highest standards.


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Influencers are relevant in positioning your products and services on their natural audiences, where they have high credibility, always with proper levels of authenticity.

From nano to macro-influencers, we know who’s who in the market and how to reach them with a KPI approach to a partnership model.


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Social media platforms that convert: this is our goal and our natural ecosystem. From Instagram to Pinterest, we are prepared to guide you through these different channels, help you choose the best content for each one, and turn that content into profit. It’s not just about appealing Instagrams, but also building the right product catalogs, integrating data feeds, and being ready for the social checkout (like Instagram Checkout, for example) moment that is around the corner and will be a gamechanger.


We help brands to build interaction and engagement through their social media channels. From food & beverage, jewelry, pharmacies or large online retailers, Wise Pirates is here to leverage our social media game.

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