Redesign the pace of your Business Growth with SEO & Content Marketing at the core.

We will help you to create long-term brand awareness, reach more people, lower customer acquisition, and increase revenue with a real Search Engine Optimization strategy.

As a performance-driven digital marketing agency, we know better than anyone that SEO & Content is an essential part of our core services. We know that optimizing a website has become more of a necessity rather than a nice-to-have competitive advantage.

Our team of experts can help you to optimize the infrastructure of your website, create a consistent keyword strategy and fully optimized content to boost your rankings.

And this is where we differentiate from traditional monofocal SEO agencies: we will not just optimize your web pages. We will drive your organic traffic as part of your 360º digital strategy based on your business goals and use a mixed expert team and advanced tech tools.


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Our team will perform a benchmark analysis and SEO keyword research to help you build the most suitable strategy to target the right audience. We will track your performance and optimize your website to boost your marketing results.


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We will help you improve the infrastructure of your website to enable the search engines to crawl and index it properly while optimizing the user experience, which is critical to SEO rankings through user engagement metrics.

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Content is extremely important for SEO. Our team of experienced copywriters will create engaging, optimized, and high-quality content for your web pages, landing pages, and blog posts to help you boost your rankings, considering context at the core.



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Wise Pirates will perform comprehensive SEO audits (analyzing speed, indexation, rankings, backlinks, and content) and give strategic guidance to help you build the most suitable strategy for your objectives.


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Our team is specialized in implementing custom SEO strategies. Wise Pirates got you covered from off-page to on-page optimization, including technical SEO and content creation.

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Sometimes, your limited reach is due to the lack of SEO strategy or inability to give your clients the right user experience. No worries, we also have a backup team specialized in these areas, prepared to audit your store and tell you exactly where the problem is, how serious and urgent it is, and how to fix it. Sometimes a simple fix or smart UX upgrade can make you double your conversion rate or your organic traffic, and we can work it out for you.


With expertise in building content strategies that create brand awareness and reach more people effectively, we have worked with great brands from different business areas and helped them reach their goal.

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