The days when digital marketing was all about media planning and buying are over, and it’s independent performance marketing boutiques like Wise Pirates that have brought disruption to the market.

What are your main goals? We want to know once we will truly adapt our digital strategy appropriately, always with a strong connection with your existing internal team. we want to know that we will always have one.

Rewarded as top 10 digital agency in Europe, we have a team with more than 100 specialists in areas as Google Ads and Social Ads.

Performance Marketing is our core, end to end; It’s the ecosystem we were born at, in a small garage, years ago.

Our team works around the clock with hundreds of brands, from retail, e-commerce and lead-gen projects.

Performance marketing is not paid media only: it’s organic relevance; it includes an appropriate SEO strategy, influence marketing savviness, data feed management, programmatic capabilities, smart creatives, good user experience, and, obviously, a mature metric and KPI approach. Moreover, it includes the base of marketing: a strong, healthy, and updated value proposition.

We will help your brand in different digital channels or/and campaigns, either through social, search, display, video, in-app, discovery, or shopping, making an extra impact on audiences through personalized creatives, smart audiences, and deep segmentation, using smart bidding and advanced algos as much as possible.

You shouldn’t take us as a typical digital marketing agency: we are far more than only campaign activation and operations; we define and implement a 360º digital and scalable strategy based on your business goals and moments of performance excellence.

We are always focused on data analytics & insights, crucial to business decisions and future building! We are platform-agnostic, so we are just focused on helping you maximize returns, and we manage budget and splits accordingly to achieve the best results.


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It’s a crucial element of a digital strategy. Our Google Champions have experience managing hundreds of brands.


We work in a performance drive, building a sound and scalable structure, audiences, automation, and attribution to maximize results. Specialized in Google Ads, Google Analytics, and the whole GMP suite, Wise Pirates, is Google Premier Partner with one of the biggest and more advanced teams in South Europe.


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Building brand awareness, engagement, consideration, and scale sales: Social Media Ads are at the Top 5 sources of new brand discovery.


In a mix of science, data, and art, we focus our paid social strategy on audience building, creatives, and personalized ad formats to create and afford great experiences to the right audiences. We also help companies orchestrate the perfect mix of an organic social strategy with social ads and use advanced API to upgrade audiences to a new level.


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We help you get a strong app strategy, from ASO to download, from first to heavy use. We will develop and implement a strategy to get more APP usage with cross-channel campaigns.


We will also help you increase your organic reach and conversion rate. Managing Indexation and app ranking algorithms, with a full process strategy targeted for updates, refinement, ongoing optimization, and creatives to maximize downloads and revenue.


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Google Shopping & Social Media Ads for E-commerce management is crucial to retail and e-commerce brands.


We manage it for many retailers and the associated aspects of campaign management and feed optimization – scaling activity profitably with key business and catalog parameters considered. We also help companies develop and chase the right digital metrics to thrive in the e-commerce challenges.


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We will develop a full omnichannel digital strategy with a physical/digital approach.


We activate cross-channel campaigns and track the customer’s movements along their customer journey when online, and see what happens when those conversions start online and end up in-store too. Wise Pirates is specialized in helping companies drive Online to Offline sales and is fully prepared to whitelist companies for a Digital to Store full metrics discovery.


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The work of performance marketing includes data analysis at the very core of the activities. It doesn’t make sense to activate campaigns if analytics is not perfectly implemented and the team cannot read the data insights, including the Consent Mode.


We will help you set up Google Analytics according to your needs, including the best tracking implementations. The team is also ready for GA4 and GA360.


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Our CRO specialists will focus on assessing your sales funnel and user experience to maximize the conversion rate and lead you to new opportunities and advantages for your marketing channels.


Connecting the spaces between visits and conversions through the funnel, from consideration to intention, decision, and real conversion. Helping solve problem areas and pain points that might be frictions to your conversion goals. It’s all part of a process, where micro and macro conversions and signals, across the funnel—UX and other areas help build the best possible performance.


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Establish data connections, build thousands of audiences for your business based on signals and behavioral data that consider intensity, recency, likeliness, and depth, focused on performance gains but also for growth purposes.


A consistent audience strategy in pure acquisition, smart remarketing, or retention guarantees short, medium, and long-term results.


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We will help your team develop and implement a market expansion strategy, exploring global opportunities, from business to communication, helped by our Native Speakers team. The International path has to be a centric topic in your digital strategy from language to cultural aspects.


As the unique player that is Google Exports certified partner, the team has a framework to prepare a full-stack strategy and then make it happen.


Our team has experience with over 500 brands in digital performance optimization, from small dentists, hairdressers, or gyms to large online retailers, industrial companies, banks, and pharmaceuticals.

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