High-Value Audiences that allow smart personalization and retention increase.

Marketing automation uses software and technology to create 1-to-1 cross-channel journeys that provide a unified customer experience.

As your partner, we’ll help you create a path for healthy growth by improving the efficiency of the sales funnel, quickly transforming leads into satisfied customers.


Wise Pirates has been listed as one of the TOP 10 digital agencies in Europe in 2021 by Martech Outlook due to the high-end CRM and marketing automation capabilities, from designing the architecture to implementing and optimizing. Plus, we are unique in terms of capability-building servicing.

With a vast team of developers, implementers, and senior marketing consultants with over 60 certifications in multiple solutions, Wise Pirates is specialized in creating personalized content for your customers and leads. We manage to boost retention and satisfaction and allow intensity on the communication with less headcount and a sustainable client saturation level.

Wise Pirates partners with Salesforce and Hubspot, both in Marketing Cloud and CRM technologies, with a high-end commitment to customer success. We work with around 15 automation tools to deliver the best marketing practices in the market.

In Marketing Automation, the team will work with any software and adapt to the best data set and architecture available to boost results.

Regarding Salesforce, it is specialized in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, Marketing Cloud, Mulesoft, and Datorama.

We are ready for multi-cloud implementation, unlike traditional Salesforce partners. Besides, we help companies use the platforms, train the team, co-work on advanced journeys, and do high-end capability building as nobody else does.


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Auditing the existing data or automation tools ecosystem is often the best way to begin. Wise Pirates will empower businesses by giving strategic guidance to help build the most promising strategies for the objectives you want to accomplish:

Mapping the right data ecosystem, designing data cleaning, and primary IDS definition is mandatory to architecture preparation. Wise Pirates has a team of architects and advanced marketers ready to help you design the best automation architecture strategy.


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Our team specializes in implementing technological solutions that will bring your company the necessary impulse to accelerate your growth, both in Salesforce and Hubspot. We have been a Salesforce partner since 2018 in multiple areas and have developed many different implementations in the previous years.

Unlike most partners, we are not just an IT team: we incorporate specialists in Analytics, Activation, UX, CRM, and CX to have a real business team specialized in digital to build the best CRM and automation implementation.


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Our team will help you choose the right technology and design the best data architecture for your business while building the most suitable strategy to achieve your goals. This implies fewer risks and faster implementations.

We are agnostic in terms of technologies, having experience in more than 20 CRM and automation platforms, from Adobe Marketo to Active Campaign, from Hybris to Salesforce, and most Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders.

Choosing the right tech for your business needs, budget capabilities, and priorities is the key for success.


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We’ll manage the setup of your Salesforce Service Cloud and equivalent CRM tools, as well as Marketing Automation. Wise Pirates will also build the strategy suitable for your business and operate as a hybrid team to boost your marketing results.

If you are afraid of consultants that just design blueprints or IT Teams that implement and leave, you’re right to be.

In today’s competitive world, we should all demand much more and guarantee full collaboration in optimizing all the operational levels, from regular email marketing to complex journeys.


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Our crew will provide the necessary knowledge, training, advising, and troubleshooting to your team.

We’ll help you grow your results, analyze and answer possible challenges that will cross your paths, and help your team solve the deeper tech challenges that occur on the operational daywork.

Wise Pirates has an advanced model for capability building and steering wheel handover that produces results and internal core competencies growth.



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Wise Pirates will empower businesses by giving strategic guidance to help build the most beneficial strategies for the objectives you want to accomplish.

Auditing the data ecosystem and the IT structure and mapping alternative ways for building a path with the right decisions can be crucial for risk management and business growth.

Wise Pirates has a full consultancy service pack with high-end specialization in marketing automation and its components and connections with CRM and CDP systems.


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Our team specializes in implementing technological solutions, essential to boost your company’s growth.

Wise Pirates is fully certified to implement all sorts of salesforce CRM and Automation Solutions, including Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

The team is also ready to implement other automation platforms, like Hubspot and Active Campaign, partnering with the client’s IT department and the ERP service stack to build a thriving data ecosystem that allows for personalized and advanced marketing campaigns.


Working within the automation services with dozens of companies since 2018, we have created cases in areas such as retail, finance, industry, food, tourism, energy, fashion, services, and entertainment. In the showcase area of our website, you can see some of our clients and the experience of our team.

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