Hybrid Digital Outsourcing

Hybrid Digital Outsourcing

We are a flexible team. By working with hundreds of brands, we’ve learned to adjust to our clients’ teams needs and help their businesses.

Wise Pirates is the first digital partner in Portugal specialized in insourcing digital marketing, automation, and other digital services.

We have four different layers of service: full outsourcing, hybrid outsourcing, Insourcing & capability Building, and Partner Programs.

Since digital is key to most companies, the perfect model tends to be a mix with internal and external competences and responsibilities. The hybrid model will allow Wise Pirates to work as an extension of your team, and you can choose which activities to internalize and/or externalize, in a dynamic way that can evolve over time.

Wise Pirates works closely with your team, in permanent contact and all kinds of issues, data, and marketing sharing from both sides is essential. Typically you would outsource the most specialized and technical areas, or the lowest, challenging or underdeveloped skillset areas.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy;
  • Tech Advising;
  • Ad Operations;
  • Data Analytics;
  • SEO & ASO;
  • Social Selling;
  • Creatives & Smart Creatives;
  • CRO & UX;
  • CRM & CDP;
  • Automation;
  • Data Science;
  • Web Scraping;
  • Influencers;
  • Marketplaces;
  • E-commerce Websites & Apps;
  • Journey Building;
  • Full Auditing;

The hybrid model tends to be in most cases the best solution to have the best results and full control. It tends to produce the best results over time in a great scope of cases and our experience across more than 500 brands assures the model will work.

Wise Pirates has a team of people that is used to work really close to clients team. So close you’ll think they work in your crew.


Our team has experience with over 500 brands in digital performance optimization, including industrial, health, and services companies, banks and finance, CPG & FMCG, and SMB that want to be ready for the digital challenges.

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