Take your campaigns to the next level with programmatic advertising.

Google Marketing Platform helps you plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place.

Google Marketing Platform helps you and your team to deliver more relevant and effective marketing while ensuring that you align with your customers’ privacy and give them control over their data.

Yes, this is a world of data, and analytics are increasingly more important. Wise Pirates has been one of the first partners to implement GA4 and Consent Mode and has a certified team for all GMP products.


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Reselling and Implementing

Wise Pirates works with Incubeta, one of the world’s largest Google partners, to resell and implement Google Marketing Platform (and Google Cloud Services). We have a local team with certified campaign managers and digital consultants to help you through the entire journey. At the same time, Incubeta allows the full stack of services reselling and implementation. With more than 500 digital consultants and around 800 licenses of GMP managed across the world, we offer high-end services to the most challenging projects together. 

Why should you implement Google Marketing Platform? 

  • Complete and legal data ownership;
  • Independence control towards third-party agencies;
  • Customer Experience Real-time Marketing;
  • Unified data to allow better final results;
  • Access to Primary digital placements;
  • Use different search ecosystem, apart from Google itself;
  • Faster and more profound campaign management possibilities, boosting efficiency;
  • Much better data integration, allowing better analytics and attribution, reducing the data loss gap, and boosting performance;
  • Creating opportunities for more advanced creative projects;
  • Powerful and comprehensive reporting;
  • Advanced Analytics that allows for better and faster data-driven decisions;
  • Using AI and the best tech capabilities of Google, differentiating from competition and allowing for internationalization to more developed markets.


Programmatic advertising allows you to take your advertising to the next level, reaching the right people at the right moment with a whole new degree of precision and efficiency fueled by technology, and at a much better impact pricing.

At Wise Pirates, we help you navigate successfully through the programmatic ecosystem and help you drive better results in a faster and smarter way.


Wise Pirates and Incubeta have been helping companies such as Mo, DOTT, 360 Imprimir, Zippy, Salsa, Santander, Generalli, Gold Energy, Nowo, and hundreds of other companies on their journey to use advanced campaigns in the Google platforms.

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