Your Digital Assets Performance-Oriented Partner: Much more than just building online stores

If you’re looking to build your online business with a tool that requires you to be truly prepared for the market, you don’t have to say no more. We got you.

Building an e-commerce store isn’t just about development; it’s about having the right tool for every step of the way – prepared for UX & CX, SEO, mobile-first, content, integrations, internationalization, growth, speed, analytics, and so on. Wise Pirates has a team of specialists that create the website projects end to end.

Choosing the right tool is part of the game. That’s why Shopping Builders uses Shopify & Woocommerce, the ecosystems we believe will suit most client needs.

We started our path working with more than five hundred retail brands, and so we know, first hand, what makes your conversion rate truly kick in, according to every kind of business and the market you want to build your brand in.


Understanding the chain reaction between how your online store is built and how it affects your sales and conversion rates makes Shopping Builders a truly reliable partner for you.

With a team of European developers, designers, project managers, SEO & UX experts, and marketers, we will understand how to build an optimized store for the future. The experience that we have working to grow results on retail brands it’s what got us into this game, because we understand most of what’s going to fail after you launch, so we make sure you are fully ready from the moment we start building.


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Building your store from scratch, from designing into developing, uploading products, building integrations, and launching it for the whole world to see! We have a team of UX/UI designers, developers, e-commerce managers, project managers, and others to help you through this.


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You already have your online store, but you don’t have time to build creatives, banners, blog articles, copy and upload them to your website? We have the solution for you; we can build a monthly hour pack to help you every step of the way with our team of designers, content, and e-commerce managers.


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Shopping Builders can help you by always having your back if something goes wrong with your store, with any kind of troubleshooting or updating, with a quick response system and action through our monthly support solutions.

SLA can be negotiated and upgraded by your project needs.


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You have your online store, but you don’t have time, skills, or focus to manage it? We also have a solution for this. With our e-commerce management system, you don’t have to worry about uploading products, content, setting up promos or plugins, or anything. We have a team prepared for end-to-end e-commerce management, leaving only logistics and finance to you- we will dress your online store, optimize the commercial, do the photo shooting, guarantee the correct SEO and data feeds, customer service, and much more.


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Sometimes you realize you wish you had something different or new in your online store, and you need assistance?

Our team of developers can help. We have a solution that can give you support whenever you need it, to develop new features or even change a detail requiring coding. We work flexibly with specialists in Shopify and Woocommerce technologies to update, elevate and optimize your solutions permanently.


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Sometimes, your limited reach is due to the lack of SEO strategy or missing to give your clients the right user experience.

No worries, we also have a backup team specialized in these areas, prepared to audit your store and tell you exactly where the problem is, how serious and urgent it is, and how to fix it. Sometimes a simple fix or smart UX upgrade can make you double your conversion rate or your organic traffic, and we can work it out for you.


Building your website doesn’t need to be hard, time-consuming or expensive. From WordPress, Shopify, Woocommerce or tailor-made solutions, our clients have all the support they need to have a successful online business.

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