Wise Pirates has a team with senior consultants that helped more than 100 companies across 20 markets to build a path of digitization, with one of the most complete digital maturity models, built from the best practices across different models and universities.

The implementation of a full digital maturity project starts with a wide assessment that includes not only interviews and surveys but also big data to complement the information and create sufficient analytics information for the next steps. The discovery phase includes also the connection with the digital maturity model at a series of different criteria, to build a staging score that allows to fully understand the picture before building the strategy.

The assessment is not centered in the digital marketing ecosystem only, but all areas relevant for digital, that is seen as an area relevant to build value in all company channels, including the physical and traditional ones. It includes a deep analysis of the “as is” in the triangle technology/processes/mindset, with data at the very center.

The staging will consider the basics, like analytics, data, digitalization of workflows, but also areas from the web3, with blockchain, NFT, and other opportunities to the future market. The Wise Pirates Digital Maturity Framework is the unique existing on the market that has updates every single year, boosted by our digital boutique team, always leading the digital trends in a unique way.

A project of Digital Maturity Building is a fast track towards the place where companies need to be today, but Wise Pirates’ model is the unique model in the market that includes a component that makes the company better prepared for the near future, or the next loop of innovation.

Different shifts in digital innovation are happening permanently. In 2020, e-commerce finally exploded at a different scale and in 2021 the consent era really began, creating a path where first-party data will be mandatory to companies that want to outsmart the competition and thrill fast. 2022 is the beginning of the web3 explosion, with a new generation of digital assets at the very center.

BCG and Google worked together on an assessment that shows that more mature brands increase sales by 18%, gain 29% on cost efficiency, and grow more than competitors, which shows that the move is a mandatory one. Digital transformation has been accessed in the past by a series of isolated ad hoc measures, but looking into a pipeline of 2022-2025, the move needs to be done in a structured way, that allows for a transition that considers the staging per critical area and market.

Wise Pirates model also includes a set of five accelerators, that are crucial to building a model that delivers what’s expected, considering processes, mindset, technologies, data, and trends. Accelerators mixed with staging upgrading bring a faster evolution, with sustainability at the very center. Wise Pirates has a unique value proposition where a mix of really experienced consultants with more than 20 years of experience bring value together with top digital native implementers, the best of both worlds to deliver maximum results at an affordable price and competitive agility. 

  • Internationalization through Digital;
  • Creation of Advanced Metrics;
  • Building Digital Maturity;
  • Digital Maturity;
  • Competition Drone;


Our team has experience with over 500 brands in digital performance optimization, including industrial, health, and services companies, banks and finance, CPG & FMCG, and SMB that want to be ready for the digital challenges.

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