We help you implement a CRM that puts your clients at the very center of your business, while creating dynamic & high value audiences that keep you relevant and profitable.

Wise Pirates team has been working with CRM projects for more than 8 years, both in implementation and optimization, being CRM oriented for Sales or Service, B2B or B2C. Salesforce and Hubspot are the technologies chosen by Wise Pirates, while we have been optimizing a lot of different CRM systems in different industries and markets, from The Netherlands and Germany to France, the US or Switzerland, and obviously also Portugal.

The benefits of using a CRM are known and obvious. They vary a lot, but always include an increase in customer service and more and better sales, one in addition to the other. Depending on the projects, the benefits can typically be:

  • Lead Generation;
  • Sales Team Governance & Pipeline;
  • Lead Scoring and Priority Management;
  • Centralized Data – A Single Source of Truth;
  • Client Centricity;
  • Integrated (Channels) Customer Service;
  • Customer Insights;
  • HVA: High Value Audiences;
  • Automation with Personalization Capabilities;
  • Customer Loyalty programs Possibilities;
  • Sales to Operation Workflows;
  • Employer Branding;
  • Maximizing Retention & LTV;

As Hubspot puts it:


Source: Hubspot 2021

Wise Pirates has chosen Salesforce as premier partner for CRM (and also CDP) . The reason is obvious: this is the best solution across all markets and techs as everyone knows, and Gartner confirms:


Source: Gartner 2021

Wise Pirates team and its associated companies (Fidizzi and We Do Engineering) are specialists not only in implementing the Salesforce CRM, but also in optimizing it for the real business cases that potentially can be used in the company. We are not a tech team only: we incorporate more than 100 specialized employees in a mix of tech, marketing, and business, with data at the center. 

The main difference in our value proposition is being more than IT only: we incorporate real business understanding and are capable of designing and creating workflows and automation journeys that build better personalization, increased sales, and boost retention.

Identifying HVA is part of our core services, that most tech implementors are not capable nor oriented to, since it is a deep martech and business understanding arena. High-Value Audiences are those audiences tipically based on first-party data (customers and community) that are more relevant for sales and sales influencing (advocating). Some of these audiences are quite stable, others are dynamic. CRM with automation allows us to build deep interest journeys for those audiences, where most sales can happen. This is where we should concentrate on guaranteeing a good LTV, boosting up and cross-selling, while speeding up the intensity with great relevance and controlling saturation at low levels, minimizing churn to new levels.

Managing HVA can be done both in first-party data audiences and in remarketing smart lists, but the trend is totally towards first-party data, as privacy issues rise creating own data gets more and more relevant. Typically, on a well-managed CRM where HVA is extractable for smart digital activation, the LTV can increase around 30% and sales grow 15% more than previously per year, while in some cases this growth can double or be even higher.

Besides Salesforce, Wise Pirates also does implementations and optimizations in systems such as Hubspot and others, in accordance with clients’ needs. Our experience is across multiple platforms and we are the solo player in the market crossing technologies such as Salesforce or Hubspot with Google, Amazon, Shopify, and Cloud solutions to deliver unique digital solutions, as well as working on the existing (new or old) tools to get the best out of them, sometimes including data projects that solute automatizations on the current ecosystems, to quick win before greater changes.

Implementing CRM solutions has a deep project management learning curve that is highly relevant to achieve a QTOD (Quality and Time On delivery). We are proud to be rated on our projects at 92% on QTOD, and excellent NPS that guarantees we work as partners and not as one-shot developers.

Choosing a good CRM implies analyzing the lead management system, the contact management, the cases and opportunities potential, the integration possibilities, the customer service options and connectors, the file-sharing and admin system management, the workflows and pipelines possibilities, the look and feel, the analytics and reporting, the calendar, the adoption curve, automation features, architecture and bus needs, cloud & security, GDPR needs and many others. We are ready to help you with the preparation of all this and to suggest implementations and optimizations that make sense, with adequate agility and quality, always putting full transparency first acting as an extension of your team and not only a subcontracted partner.



Our team has experience with over 500 brands in digital performance optimization, including industrial, health, and services companies, banks and finance, CPG & FMCG, and SMB that want to be ready for the digital challenges.

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