Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Wise Pirates can solve cloud computing challenges, taking all the heavy lifting involved in crunching and processing data away from the client devices into centralized, secure platforms.

Wise Pirates partners with Incubeta and Devoteam to develop projects globally in the three main cloud computer systems: AWS, GCP, and Azure, from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Cloud Implementation is one of the most important steps towards digital transformation, which in most cases depends on the IT legacy systems updates and organization mindset. It’s also where south European countries stay behind the most competitive countries in digital maturity projects implementation.


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Amazon Web Services is the Amazon subsidiary for cloud computing. It is the world leader in Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), with around 33% of the market share.

There are thousands of potential applications through the AWS ecosystem, from SMB to enterprise-level companies. All services are billed based on usage, but the measurement of each service is done in different ways.

AWS opens its doors to partner through a set of areas, including:


Build, deploy and run machine learning applications in the cloud.


Instances, containers, and serverless computing.


Build, deploy and run machine learning applications in the cloud.


Build, deploy and manage websites and webapps in the cloud.


Deploy storage and content delivery solutions in the cloud.


Migrate your own premise workloads to AWS.


The fastest way to get answers from all your data to all your users.


The way to connect IoT Cloud Services to other cloud applications.

Examples of areas where AWS services tend to provide value include:

  • Website Hosting
  • Serverless Computing
  • Data Lakes & Analytics
  • Application Development
  • Industrial IoT
  • Remote Work Solutions


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Google Cloud Platform is a top cloud computer solution with a value proposition centered on the fact that Google leads a set of digital assets on today’s ecosystems, mostly included in Google Marketing Platform, with Google Analytics at the very center. Therefore, a cloud system that natively integrates with the ecosystem helps to implement and nurture features.

GCP is one of the most secure ecosystems globally and compliant with most developed countries’ regulatory systems. It’s a step up towards security and escalating, depending less on legacy ecosystems, complex server infrastructures, IT skillset, and other systems companies really should not internalize anymore. Understanding the data architecture and building bridges for fast evolution is the new must go-to approach, and Google Cloud is a leader system for that. Wise Pirates will always be ready, from advising to implementation, strategy to operation, and optimization on GCP projects.

Some of the areas Google Cloud highlights include:

  • Compute Engine – Virtual machines running in Google’s data center.
  • Cloud Storage – Object storage that is secure, durable, and scalable.
  • Cloud SDK – Command-line tools and libraries for Google Cloud.
  • Cloud SQL – Relational database services for MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Google Kubernetes Engine – Managed environment for running containerized apps.
  • Bigquery – Data warehouse running on the serverless infrastructure.
  • Cloud CDN – A content delivery network for delivering web and video.
  • Dataflow – Streaming analytics for stream and batch processing.
  • Vision AI – Custom and pre-trained models to detect emotion, text, and more.
  • Cloud Run – Fully managed environment to run stateless containers.
  • Cloud Function – Event-driven computer platform for cloud services and apps.
  • Anthos – Platform for modernizing existing apps and building new ones.

One thing is for sure: Google is one of the best solutions to create the infrastructure of the future, and Wise Pirates may help you, using Google’s core infrastructure, data analytics, and machine learning, with an approach that is secure and fully featured for all enterprises and committed to open source and industry-leading price-performance.


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Azure is Microsoft’s solution for cloud services. The great advantage of Microsoft is that there is an existing Microsoft ecosystem in many companies, and this integration may be a good asset for decision-making in some cases. It is a cloud computing service operated by Microsoft for application management via Microsoft-managed data centers. Directly or via our high-end partners, we will help you build the best data structure and network architecture, from consulting to implementation.

Microsoft highlights the following opportunities through Azure:

  • Create personalized experiences with AI – Build connected, cross-platform experiences—tailored to customer interactions using AI and machine learning.
  • Drive innovation for existing and future apps – Modernize applications through serverless and containers. Deploy Windows and Linux virtual machines across cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Build scalable apps and release features faster – Create workloads that scale up and down based on demand. Plus, deliver software more rapidly and reliably with end-to-end DevOps solutions.


Our team has experience with over 500 brands in digital performance optimization, including industrial, health, and services companies, banks and finance, CPG & FMCG, and SMB that want to be ready for the digital challenges.

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