Wise Pirates is looking for restless people, focused on evolving to learn, on producing meaningful impacts and working in a highly collaborative way, in a Digital & Tech context.

To respond to the accelerated growth of Wise Pirates group as well as the increase in the number of customers and consequent turnover of our startup, we want to find the best Finance & Administrative Assistant:

  • Eligible for ATIVAR professional internship (IEFP);

  • Strong analytical skills and mastery of the Excel tool (creating dashboards, optimization of analysis tools, etc);

  • Strong organizational and management skills

  • High capacity for communication and relationship with various third parties;

  • Energy, positive attitude, open to challenges, and demanding orientation;

  • Excellent ability to work collaboratively;

  • Data-driven mindset;

The new position for the Wise Pirates team is associated with the financial area (accounting, invoice processing, collection management, etc.) and administrative support.

At Wise Pirates, we are committed to the future. We will help each member of the team to develop as a professional and as a person, offering guidance and training, but also demanding a collaborative spirit, dedication, and the ability to focus, enabling a meteoric effect in the development of each pirate, in a work environment where equity, diversity, and meritocracy are a priority.