As a Campaign Manager, you will manage the procedure, implementation, tracking and measurement of marketing campaigns and deliver regular reports of campaign results, including web analysis and evaluation of KPIs. You will have to maintain regular measurement of the ROI of campaigns or other KPI’s. You will have to work with a budget while meeting deadlines for multiple projects. You will need to manage the organization’s output effectively and intervene before things are going off-track. Oversee the execution, monitoring and measurement of marketing campaigns and their success. Compile regular reports of campaign performance and results.

  • Ability to multi-task effectively in a fast-paced environment;
  • Deep strategic knowledge translated and applied to different advertising platforms, mostly Google;
  • Be familiar and hands-on with Google Ads, both for lead generation and e-commerce;
  • Deep knowledge of Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics, Google Search Console;
  • Readiness both to start implementation from scratch on all these platforms or to face fully grown and vast accounts;
  • Plan online advertising strategies and develop and built campaigns, of every different type Google has available;
  • Collect relevant data across platforms in order to permanently measure and optimize every campaign: we make data-based decisions every day;
  • Get ready and eager to learn what’s coming in a digital fast-paced environment;
  • Be part of an omnichannel digital team, all pushing forward towards the customer’s best results;
  • Learn and use all the resources available to the client’s needs, work with the customer as a team, providing valuable inputs across all the digital scope of your knowledge;
  • Data-driven mindset;